Dear friends and guests: welcome to my website of delicious baking

Delicious - because all of my baking is done with love!

Here you can order tasty, delicate, fruity, modern cakes for any occasion such as a wedding, birthday, or simply; a tea party.  In addition, there is a wide variety of other pastries such as yummy macarons, handmade candy, candy bars, and all sorts of desserts.

I make all of my pastries from fresh and natural products that will please you, your guests and relatives.

You will also find brand new, European style cakes and desserts with amazing taste!  Most desserts contain a reduced sugar content.  On the basis of the already available offers, I can create something custom, exclusively for you, considering your tastes.

This site was created to make it easier for you to place your order.  You can see the available options, decide on your choices and preferred tastes, see the compositions and prices. And, of course, there is a convenient way for you to process your payment electronically.

In the near future, I plan to share with you some interesting ideas for desserts, and blog about my journey of baking, how I started and the training I’ve gone through.

Wishing you more sweet moments!

About The Pricing

When I began my baking journey, I wasn’t calculating the cost of my cakes, just simply asked around for what other bakers were charging.

After baking for a while and improving my skills to achieve better results, I still wasn’t taking into account all that I was investing into my work.

I sold at  regular prices people usually sell their desserts for.

One day, I was asked why I charged so little for my work, and I didn’t know how to reply, because I didn’t realize how much I was actually investing.

After completing an online business project related to baking,  one of my assignments was to calculate my expenses for baking.  At that moment, I understood that I was not making any money from baking; I simply was covering my costs.

I was a little upset, but not so much to quit my business.  I just sat down and counted how much I spent on making a dessert down to every gram.  I compiled tables for each product with the calculation of ingredients.  This had already determined the prices.  Every dessert and cake is handmade exclusively for orders, with a unique approach, and includes only fresh products.

An important detail is that I use only natural, fresh and high-quality products and ingredients, which usually cost a little more.

When I studied in my professional baking school, I was taught how to properly calculate desserts that were lower quality, but I didn’t even want to make my products out of non-natural products.  I think there is enough of this kind of quality in grocery stores.  My goal is to use less sugar, and more natural, fresh ingredients with fresh flavors used in modern baking technologies.

I did consider the situation where I could use the specific products/ingredients you agree to, for a lesser price, but then came to a conclusion that the dessert will not be the quality I stand for, you might not like the taste, and I would hate to receive a bad review about my work.  So I decided to focus more on quality than on quantity, and make desserts that are high quality, natural and taste great.  I am also a mother of four children, and I care about what they eat, this is the reason I carefully approached the subject of quality and pricing.

Keep a lookout for more articles about the ingredients I use and photos of my work.

With love, Natalia