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Chocolate Bars

The bars are made from Belgian chocolate mixed with natural dry freeze powder, nut paste, and other crisps. Sprinkled on top with different kinds of nuts (praline, pistachio paste) and candied fruits similar in taste to the bars.
Conventional chocolate bars are purely Belgian chocolate, sprinkled with different kinds of berries, nuts, and sublimates, based on client preference.


Regular bars: $8 per bar
Bars with flavor: $10 per bar
*The price indicated is higher, considering that I purchase the high quality, high price chocolate in small batches

Chocolate Candy

I don’t consider myself a chocolatier yet, but in school, I learned to make wonderful delicious Belgian chocolate candies.
Why Belgian chocolate? Because it is the best in taste and composition, and because world chefs use it to make their own sweets, as well as fillings, which consist of natural fruit purees without additional flavorings and preservatives.
These sweets are a wonderful gift for your loved ones, or you can also treat yourself!
Only 100% natural and high-quality ingredients
I also studied online with many world class chefs and pastry makers (I have certificates as proof)
I can say with confidence that my chocolate products – be they sweets, candy, chocolate bars and truffles, will not disappoint you!