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Banana Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake


A very delicate chocolate mousse based on Belgian milk chocolate with a layer of bananas and lime juice.  The chocolate biscuit is made with almond flour and a crusty layer of pecan.  I’m not a big chocolate lover, but this cake fascinated me with its balanced taste.

Cappuccino Mousse Cake


This cake has conquered all the coffee lovers.

Delicate biscuit with 3 kinds of nuts.

Coffee Mousse made with white chocolate plus a coffee layer, covered with a chocolate mirror glaze.

Raspberry Vanilla Mousse Cake Full

Full Raspberry-Vanilla Mousse Cake


Delicate vanilla mousse, crimson interlayer, another crispy layer and gentle gluten-free biscuit soufflé.

This cake has conquered many! It has a light, gentle, non-sugary taste, similar to ice cream, along with a lightly sour flavor of raspberry and a delicate biscuit on the basis of Belgian milk chocolate.

This cake can be covered with a velvet or mirror glaze and decorated for any holiday style.  Gluten free.  (If allergic to nuts – it is possible to exclude them from the crunchy layer)