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Banana Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake


A very delicate chocolate mousse based on Belgian milk chocolate with a layer of bananas and lime juice.  The chocolate biscuit is made with almond flour and a crusty layer of pecan.  I’m not a big chocolate lover, but this cake fascinated me with its balanced taste.

Cake Pops


Popular favorite dessert on a stick

Available in different flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet and with nuts.  It is also possible to make different shapes in the form of figurines.

Cappuccino Mousse Cake


This cake has conquered all the coffee lovers.

Delicate biscuit with 3 kinds of nuts.

Coffee Mousse made with white chocolate plus a coffee layer, covered with a chocolate mirror glaze.

Carrot Cake


This cake is incredibly delicious and juicy.
Besides carrots, it contains 2 kinds of nuts, poppies, light notes of cinnamon, and a layer of orange jelly (with passion fruit) which makes this cake especially unusual. And of course, my favorite frosting which is based on cream cheese.

Chocolate-Caramel Hazelnut Cake


In my opinion, this is a ‘masculine’ cake, because I often times receive positive responses, that men that tried it at various celebrations absolutely loved it.

This is a very moist cake, soaked with Bayles liqueur, which contains hazelnuts.  The chocolate frosting is based on cream cheese and Belgian chocolate, along with an airy meringue combined with hazelnuts, chocolate mousse and caramel. Most definitely a mouthwatering, tasty combination.

Cookie Dough Baskets


Unbelievably light and tender shortbread dough along with black currant jam and protein cream.  This is my favorite combination.  Incredibly light and tasty!



A cupcake is like a small cake in itself, tender, airy, with different fillings inside.

Fruity Zefir


Tender, light and airy like a shell, fruity marshmallow.

It is made out of natural fruit puree. Even if you’re not a fan of marshmallows, I recommend you trying these at least once and then maybe you will change your mind!

Ideal for all events, especially for the candy bar section. Does not contain any artificial coloring – only natural color. Ideal for children.

Full Raspberry-Vanilla Mousse Cake


Delicate vanilla mousse, crimson interlayer, another crispy layer and gentle gluten-free biscuit soufflé.

This cake has conquered many! It has a light, gentle, non-sugary taste, similar to ice cream, along with a lightly sour flavor of raspberry and a delicate biscuit on the basis of Belgian milk chocolate.

This cake can be covered with a velvet or mirror glaze and decorated for any holiday style.  Gluten free.  (If allergic to nuts – it is possible to exclude them from the crunchy layer)



I can write so much about this dessert.  It was the first dessert that made me take baking to a more professional level. I developed each taste on my own to balance the sweetness and emphasize the desired flavor, not just with color.

These tender almond halves are connected by various creams. They are based on chocolate, fruit puree, as well as caramel and cheese cream. This dessert will not leave you indifferent, because my original goal was to precisely create the perfect macaron. For the filling I always use Belgian chocolate, and natural fruit purees.

Mini Pavlova


A light, gentle and favored by many; Pavlov dessert.

What makes it special? An airy, crisp meringue, light creamy frosting and of course, fresh fruit, (as much as possible)

Number Cake


Delicate fragrant honey cakes made from farm honey, with a light vanilla ganache cream based on white or Belgian milk chocolate. Plus raspberry jelly.

Light, low-fat, non-sugary taste

It is possible to make in the form of letters, heart shapes and other forms.



Should I even speak much about this dessert?  After all, it is incredibly popular!

Tender, airy merengue, with a creamy cap that consists of cream cheese and vanilla, decorated with fresh fruit and Belgian chocolate.

Delicate, light, delicious – a dessert for any time of the year.

Pavlova Cake

This is the full size pavlova cake, tender, airy meringue, with a creamy cap that consists of cream cheese and vanilla, decorated with fresh fruit and Belgian chocolate.
Delicate, light, delicious – a dessert for any time of the year.

Pistachio Cake


Many people know about the bomb combination of pistachio and raspberry.

This cake has already become a favorite for many.

Airy sponge cake crusts are prepared on the basis of natural pistachio paste. Next is a layer of crimson jelly giving the cake a slight zest and an unforgettable, tender taste.

The frosting contains mascarpone and cream cheese, which makes this cake balanced and tasty.